Closing SaaS Security Gaps

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ANZ Webinar with Netpoleon LP 1200x630 (1)

In today's wild world of SaaS apps running the organisational pulse, comes the responsibility of keeping the ecosystem secure. Back in the day, SaaS security was like a game of finding and fixing misconfigurations. Fast forward to 2024, it's expanded to many more attack surfaces.

Join Joel Ramos from Netpoleon ANZ and Mike Roman from Adaptive Shield as they dive into the world of SaaS security.

The webinar covers:

  • The SaaS Security Challenges in 2024
  • What SaaS Security Posture Management is all about, why it’s a business enabler and why it has become just as important as CSPM
  • How to kickstart a SaaS Security Program; best practices around people, processes and tech based on real life customer implementations

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