Eliminate Webex by Cisco Security Misconfigurations

Continuously monitor access controls & configurations

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✓ Unify all native security controls into a single normalized view, to make your SaaS security incredibly simple to manage.

✓ Continuously monitor all your SaaS apps and detect any misconfigurations, incorrect permissions, and all possible exposure.

✓ Send detailed alerts at the first sign of a glitch or anomaly to stop minor incidents from becoming major problems.

Adaptive Shield integrates with Webex by Cisco in a click of a button. Once your trial is activated go to "Apps" and click on the Webex application to connect the app. Within minutes you will be able to oversee the security posture.

Connect with all your SaaS apps and easily control & optimize security across your entire stack

Connect with all your SaaS apps and easily control & optimize security across your entire stack

Enforce Cloud Security Controls & Prevent Misconfigurations and Exposure across SaaS Platforms

Analyze all built-in security controls and settings

Identify exposure and misconfigurations

Quantify security-related settings into a per SaaS and overall normalized posture score

Benchmark against compliance frameworks

Remediation & Monitoring

Automate remediation using ticketing with complete context

Track progress and alert on degradation and configuration drifts

Follow trends over time

Perform retrospective investigation

Automatically maintain SaaS security best practices
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Enforce and Maintain Access Control for Webex by Cisco

User Cloud Access Governance

Discover all your SaaS users, including employees, partners, and guests

Continuously measure each user level for possible exposure

Identify users with excessive permissions

Trim unused permissions and de-provision inactive users

Identify and disable unsecured user authentication methods

Enterprise-Grade Platform

ISO 27001 certified

Role-based access and granular user profiles

Single sign-on support

Automate alerts and notifications

Audit users and system for vulnerabilities