Kickstarting Your SaaS Security Program

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Up to 70% of companies' total data is stored in SaaS apps, allowing organizations to store an incredibly large volume of data and deliver their customer experience. However as businesses increase their reliance on SaaS apps, they also increase their reliance on those applications being secure. 

This guide explores the challenges inherent in SaaS security, shows why SaaS security became a top priority for most CISOs, and provides nuts-and-bolts guidance on how to establish the foundations of a strong SaaS security strategy.

This guide covers:

  • Why SaaS security should be a priority

  • Top SaaS security use cases

  • How to prepare for a robust SaaS Security program
  • How to execute a successful short term and long term program
  • Selecting the right tools, people and processes to ensure a successful program
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